• How do I know that MAGIC™ is on the screen?

    The solution works on a microscopic level – so if we’ve done our job right, you won’t be bothered by a cumbersome layer of glass like you may have experienced in past with tempered glass. This sleek solution is meant to be almost invisible to the naked eye. There are, however, ways to detect the presence of MAGIC including the much smoother, cleaner, easier to clean, finger-print resistant glass your device has. The device will look cleaner, smoother, and newer for a lot longer with MAGIC’s help!

    How do I apply MAGIC™?

    MAGIC has the easiest application of any screen protector on the market. Simply take the MAGIC wipe out of the sachet, apply it onto all the glass surface on the device, and then buff it off with the included Phantom Glass buffing cloth until the screen is clear of residue!

    How does MAGIC™ work?

    If you look at the glass of your device under a microscope, you’ll notice that glass is not flat like the way it appears to the naked eye. It is actually very porous. These tiny pores in the glass are what makes the glass so vulnerable to scratches, breaks, and other damage. MAGIC™ starts out as a liquid, allowing the substance to get into the tiny pores and then hardens, filling the pores with a microscopic layer of glass. The glass becomes smooth, and will be 500 times stronger than untreated glass.

    Can I take MAGIC™ off?

    MAGIC™ adheres to your device’s glass through a covalent bond. A covalent bond is the strongest and most stable kind of chemical bond and therefore, you’ll never have to worry about MAGIC™ “rubbing off” of your device. On the other hand, the layer of protection is so incredibly thin and invisible that it will not impact cases, warranties, etc., meaning you will never actually need to remove it. Once it is on, it is on.

    Has MAGIC™ been tested by a 3rd Party Lab?

    Absolutely. All Phantom Glass products are tested in an unbiased 3rdparty lab to prove efficacy. All of our claims are substantiated and derived from the results of this testing.

    What is MAGIC™?

    MAGIC™ is an innovative next generation screen protection solution. Put simply, it is a liquid that is wiped onto the surface of glass, that hardens in seconds into a microscopic layer of glass on the existing glass surface.

    Can I use one MAGIC™ sachet on multiple devices?

    No. One MAGIC™ sachet will safely cover one device. You should apply as much of the contents of the sachet as possible onto your one device. We are not liable for the extra devices a MAGIC™ sachet is applied to and we advise against spreading the contents of one sachet amongst more than one device.

    What devices is MAGIC™ compatible with?

    Because of the unique chemistry of MAGIC™, it will work with all glass surfaces. Your smartphone, camera, laptop, tablet, and wearables will all work with MAGIC™. We're working on releasing other variants of MAGIC™ for other surfaces such as windshields, glasses, and camera lenses... Stay tuned!